You may return an unused product within 14 days after the receiption of the item. This doesn't apply if the product has been taken from its packaging, has been damaged or already been activated. We reserve the right to refuse to refund products that are returned damaged and which we are unable to resell at the original price. For orders under 40EUR the return shipping cost is on you. Above 40EUR we will handle it.

Once we have received your item and agreed to refund the purchase price, we are obliged by german law to transfer the funds back to you within 30 days.

It is your responsibility to check the coverage at the destination of your travels before you make your purchase. We will not refund you purchase because you travelled to a location without coverage.

If your product has been damaged during shipping, please leave it in the packaging. If you want your demaged product replaced, please contact us as soon as possible at Failing to contact us doesn‘t limit your warranty but facilitates our claims against the carrier.