USA Prepaid SIM card

  • Your personal US-phone number

  • No solvency check, no subscription contract

  • Activation is done by us

  • Complete cost control

  • Customize your plan

  • Simple step by step instructions on how to configure the APN settings

  • Premium AT&T coverage

  • For SIM lock free devices only

  • For multi-band devices only

Free and fast shipping worldwide

If you have any question feel free to contact us:

Customize your SIM-Card with the calling or data plans which suit you best.

Top up your balance at any time.

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Please fill in the Date when you will depart in your country, so that we can activate the SIM card to your depature. So the SIM card will be ready to use on your arrival.


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Product Description


Are you tired of roaming costs getting out of control when traveling to the US, be it on vacation or business? If yes, then our products are perfect for you. When ordering you provide us with the date of your departure, and we activate the card right on time. This way no time from your monthly plan (30 day card-limitation) gets wasted and everything is ready to use once your arrive in the US. No hassle with the card activation, no setup problems, no confusion choosing the right plan, its all done by us.

Our US-SIM-card is perfect for tourists and business-travelers tired of getting overcharged. 

Your advantages:

  • Everything is paid in advance. No surprises, no subscription contract, no additional costs.  
  • Tailored to your needs. Our US-SIM-card is perfect for you.
  • We activate your card, all the necessary registrations are done by us.
  • We charge the US-SIM-card with your desired balance.
  • Instand delivery. Once your payment has been cleared, we'll ship your order within 1 business day.
  • Up to 6GB of usable data volume.
  • We have all current SIM-Card formats in storage.

Next Steps:

  1. Technical requirements - Do you have a SIM lock free device?
  2. Technical requirements - Do you have a Multi-band device?
  3. Check the Coverage at your destination. AT&T Coverage
  4. Chose your desired package deal.
  5. Provide us with your departure date during checkout.
  6. Upon arrival in the USA put the SIM-Card into your device.
  7. Follow the easy instructions we will provide with your order on how to adjust the APN-settings for your device.

For further information please refer to our FAQ.


AT&T Coverage

Product summary

Product summary

Data transfer 4G LTE / 3G for the Data Only SIM
Shipping time Europe: 3 - 5 business days / Rest of the World: 5 - 14 days
Useable without roaming in USA
Network AT&T
Validity 2 months from activation date
Activation Yes (We service this for you)
ID registration No
Longterm Contract No
Monthly rate No
Phoning possible Yes
Whatsapp / Skype Yes
Useable in SIM Lock Phones No
iPhone compatible Yes
iPad compatible Yes
Surf-Stick compatible Yes
Smartphone compatible Yes
Mobile Wifi and Router compatible Yes


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Customer question

Qustions for USA Prepaid SIM card

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  • From ger at 24/02/2018 16:55
    • Can you buy more minutes before and after the 90 days valid period?
      How do you order this?
      Can you use the simcard in Canada for the same price?
    • Hello Ger,

      thank you for the request.

      The USA sim cards can not be used in Canada. Please consider that the sim cards are rechargeable and a top-up will also extend the duration of the sim card.

      If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask us:

      Ihr Team
  • From Raphael at 24/04/2018 16:23
    • Can I receive US text message or calls when I am in Europe (Switzerland)? for example, from bank online?
    • Hallo Raphael,

      thank you for the request.

      USA Prepaid SIM cards wont be usable in Europe. You would not get any network.

      If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask us:
  • From Dutchy at 14/05/2018 21:32
    • Can this SIM card be used in a MIFI router?
    • Hello Dutchy,

      thank you for the request.

      Of course you will be able to use the sim card in a mifi router. Please consider that this device must support the frequency bands 850 and 1900 MHz in the UMTS (3G) of at&t:

      You might be able to use the Huawei E5577c or a Netgear AC810?

      If you have another MIFI please contact us again:
  • From Simon at 16/05/2018 01:27
    • Hello how are you ?

      I'm having problem to call to Germany from USA. Any idea what I did wrong ?
      I'm connected to the internet connection and every time I call it changed to a U.S. number in Los Angeles.

      Help please
    • Hello Simon,

      thank you for the request.

      Do you have tried to use the number we wrote into the instruction sheet?

      Please contact us again under and please inform us what your number and actual plan is.
  • From david at 03/06/2018 11:10
    • i live in germany and i need american simcard. can i use WATTSAPP with this usa number without traveling to usa in order to activate it in usa?
      can i activate that in germany and use it here in europe?
    • Hallo David,

      vielen Dank für die Anfrage.

      Sie können die SIM-Karten nicht in Deutschland nutzen und auch nicht in Ihrem Whatsapp Profil, da Sie die SIM-Karte und das Whatsapp Profil per SMS in einem amerikanischen Netz verifizieren müssten:

      Für weitere Fragen stehen wir Ihnen unter zur Verfügung.

      Ihr Team

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